"Aamir speaks little."

Translation:आमिर कम बोलता है।

January 6, 2019

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When do I use कम vs थोड़ा ?


कम literally means 'less'. It can be used for comparisons (eg: मेरे पास उससे कम किताबें हैं - I have fewer books than her) or as 'little'/'not much' (eg: हमारे पास बहुत कम खाना है - We have very little food).

थोड़ा means 'some' or 'a little'. Eg: थोड़ा नमक डालिए- Add some salt.

You can even say 'थोड़ा कम' to say 'a little less'.


So आमिर थोड़ा बोलता है should also be correct (and better), right?


I would say that would be a better match for 'Aamir speaks a little' rather than 'Aamir speaks little'.


Why do we have hai at the end, when there is no 'is' in the sentence


Hindi and English use the verb 'to be'/होना a little differently.
In Hindi, है (or its other forms हो/हैं/हूँ) is necessary for almost all present tense sentences. The exceptions are negative sentences with नहीं where है is optional and sentences with चाहिए where it's not used.

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