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  5. "I am drinking milk."

"I am drinking milk."

Translation:Je bois du lait.

April 5, 2013



Would Je bois lait be "i drink milk" or is du required regardless?


"du" is mandatory to translate the sentence "I drink milk"

"Je bois lait" is not proper French.


Thanks! So what if I want to say both "I drink some milk" vs " I drink milk" is it the same? Can French have that distinction?


"I drink milk" would always be translated as "Je bois du lait".

"I drink some milk." can be translated either as "Je bois du lait." or "Je bois un peu de lait.".

It depends if the context needs you to insist on the amount of milk or not.


In french, you always need article. So, for those nouns which is uncountable, should add du


I'm still not really grasping why "du" has to be added now...as opposed to just "Je bois lait."...


I believe that milk is un-countable (you can't say "a milk" its always "some milk"), like other liquids, or rice.

Even if you want to say I DRINK MILK in english, the "some" will always be implied. In french it seems you have to literally say it out loud.

I don't know if that made sense

[deactivated user]

    Aside from a few exceptions (when aren't there?), all nouns need a determiner: le lait (the milk); mon lait (my milk); son lait (his/her milk); notre lait (our milk); du (de + le) lait (some milk); etc.

    Saphydawg is correct - because milk is an uncountable quantity, we use the partitive article here.

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