"Where is the pastry shop?"

Translation:Dov'è la pasticceria?

5 days ago



In English English as opposed to American English you would never say ''where is the pastry shop'' but instead ''where is the cake shop or patisserie''.

5 days ago


Also "where is the baker's shop?" (or "bakery") would be OK, though this would not work the other way round, as "baker's shop" translates to fornaio in Italian, a shop that sells bread (and very often other types of food too), but not pastries.

5 days ago


This is a common translation problem as those translating into a target language expect to be able to use the same phrasing. Duolingo is guilty of this as it is based in the USA. Would an Italian restaurant serve "Pepper steak"? I'm guessing not as they also can't seem to get their head around an Americano coffee either. I have taken to asking for "caffè espresso e acqua bollente" with suitable hand gestures to describe ratio of coffee to water with great success.

2 days ago
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