Question about the translation of 'wrong' in Russian

Ok, I feel really stupid, but after finishing my tree I still don't really know the exact differences between using неверный, неправильный and не тот/та/то. Could someone explain this with some examples?

January 6, 2019


верный = true, loyal, right, correct, reliable, certain...
неверный = false, disloyal, wrong, incorrect, uncertain...
правильный = correct, right, regular, proper, rectilinear
неправильный = incorrect, wrong, irregular, improper, in error
не тот = the wrong one (masculine)
не та = the wrong one (feminine)
не то = the wrong one (neuter)

Неверный муж - неправильный муж (A disloyal husband is an improper husband).
Неверный ответ = Неправильный ответ (they are synonyms)
Неверный ответ - неправильный ответ (A wrong answer is an incorrect answer).

Дай мне коробку. Нет, это не та (коробка), другую (коробку)!
Дай мне молоко. Нет, это не то (молоко), другое (молоко)!
Дай мне кефир. Нет, это не тот (кефир), другой (кефир)!

January 6, 2019

не тот = not the thing you need; неправильный = not right; but "wrong" can be translated as "плохой" when you use it in ethical sense.

January 7, 2019

well, in most cases неверный = неправильный

so you can use any of them. it's up to you. for example:

неверный ответ = неправильный ответ = a wrong answer

неверный телефонный номер = неправильный телефонный номер = a wrong phone number

***but there are several exceptions when we talk about a husband or a boyfriend or kinda person like that. in those cases we can only use "неверный". And it means "a husband who cheats on his wife", "a boyfriend who cheats on his gf" and so on.

не тот means "the wrong one of"

PS: all the mentioned cases above refer to a masculine form of a word.

неверная, неправильная, не та - feminine

неверное, неправильное, не то - neuter

January 8, 2019

also in religious sense неверный = infidel, somebody from a wrong religion

January 8, 2019
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