"Aku mendengar suara aneh di tengah malam."

Translation:I hear a weird voice at midnight.

January 6, 2019

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Perhaps its a sobbing hoot of an owl, telling you that you didn't do your lesson. Your streak is broken and he is bitterly disappointed in you.


Ooooh, that's dark! Saya suka itu!


"I heard a weird voice at night" would also be correct.


What's strange is that I am doing this lesson close to midnight and I actually did just hear a weird sounding owl outside. Luckily, my streak is not broken.


That could have been me, not finishing my only lesson for the day by midnight, and losing my streak..


Could "tengah malam" also translate as "middle of the night"?


"I heard a strange sound in the middle of the night" should be more acceptable English. "Suara" does not only pertain to a voice, but can also mean a sound. Midnight is specifically at 00:00 in English, but "di tengah malam" can also be translated as "in the middle of the night"

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