"Saya pikir tugas saya tidak bisa dilaksanakan."

Translation:I think my task cannot be performed.

January 6, 2019

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Shouldn't "my tasks" be accepted?


"I think my task cannot be completed" should be acceptable, no?


Not the same, no... That would be "Saya pikir tugas saya tidak bisa diselesaikan."


"...be implemented", "be executed" or "be done" for tasks should be also accepted -- Did anyone try those? I looked up several dictionaries including KBBI. "Dilaksanakan" suggests the quality of the outcome is good because the root word "laksana" (noun) means "good behavior/characteristic" or "alike" (synonym of "seperti"). "Dilaksanakan" is also translated as "to be fulfilled". So, "tugas saya dilaksanakan" implies that I fulfilled the mission by executing my task. I found the following sample sentences on KBBI:

  • "Ia mengetahui teorinya, tetapi tidak dapat melaksanakannya." (He knows the theory, but can't implement it.)

  • "Ia melaksanakan tugasnya dengan baik." (He did a great job. / He executed his assignment properly.)


Kok kujawab i thought salah?

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