Hi! Does anyone can tell me what the difference between sentence, phrase and clause is?

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A sentence has a subject and a verb. For example: She walks to school. "She" is the subject and "walks" is the verb.

A phrase does not have both a subject and a verb like a sentence does. For example: in the car. There is no subject and there is no verb.

A clause has both a subject and a verb, but are not complete sentences. Normally two clauses make up one sentence. There are two types of clauses: an independent clause and a dependent clause. For example: While he slept, he snored. "While he slept" has both a subject and a verb, and "he snored" also has both a subject and a verb. This is an example of two independent clauses because both "while he slept" and "he snored" are two clauses that complete a thought and they both have a subject and a verb. In this example: "When spring comes, the flowers bloom", the two clauses are "when spring comes" and "the flowers bloom". You can tell the two clauses apart because of the comma separating them. "When spring comes" is the dependent clause because it does not express a complete thought ("when spring comes"---what happens when spring comes??). The job of the independent clause, "the flowers bloom", answers the question and finishes the thought of the dependent clause ("when spring comes"---"the flowers bloom"!!)

I hoped this helped :)

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Well, I know that a phrase is part of a sentence, but, that's all ... I've heard of things like independent and dependent clauses, but I never understood them.

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