"ʻO ka Pōʻakahi kēia."

Translation:Today is Monday.

January 6, 2019



Not "This is Monday"?

January 6, 2019


Should be OK. I'm here for also just having that rejected. "It's Monday" is also a normal English way to express that meaning.

January 18, 2019


What day is this? or What is today? = ʻO ka pōʻahia kēia?

Today is Monday. = ʻO ka Pōʻakahi kēia.

{Nā Lā O Ka Pule = The Days of the Week}

(1. ʻekahi) Monday = ka Pōʻakahi

(2. ʻelua) Tuesday = ka Pōʻalua

(3. ʻekolu) Wednesday = ka Pōʻakolu

(4. ʻehā) Thursday = ka Pōʻahā

(5. ʻelima) Friday = ka Pōʻalima

(6. ʻeono) Saturday = ka Pōʻaono

Sunday = ka Lāpule

Which day? = Ka pōʻahia?

February 25, 2019
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