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Is this automatic censorship? Can it be reverted?

I’m talking about these threads:



A Portuguese word is being censored that is important to the discussions. I suspect it is censored because some people consider it offensive in English. To my knowledge, it is not offensive per se in Portuguese. The feminine form, “negra”, which does not exist in English, is not being censored. The censored masculine form can be used to refer to such innocuous concepts as a “black hole” or a “black body” commonly used in physics.

Not sure how to report this illogical censorship, other than posting this comment here. If some moderator is reading this, I suggest reverting the censored posts if possible, as otherwise the discussions are not very intelligible.

EDIT: As of 17 April 2021, it seems the word "negro" is no longer censored in discussions about Portuguese and Spanish sentences. Thank you.

January 7, 2019



oh, the politically correct at its best, welcome to 2019


What else is being censored, to boot? This thread appears to have three invisible comments.


Before I posted my comments (2) it showed 11 comments above the comment section, but it showed actually only 6 of them :-/


Especially irritating: In the second discussion Scutigera posted links, which were also "censored". So no more following any helpful links with censored words.

One only can follow these links, if one knows what the censored word is about. For me it's clear in this case - but who knows which words will get censored along the way? :-/

[deactivated user]

    Censored +1


    I find this as well. I was posting in spanish and had to describe the color of something and I wrote negro and when I looked at it later, it showed some hearts. Very annoying. I can understand why it does that when I write Oh, ❤❤❤❤! or ❤❤❤❤❤❤! (That's annoying as well, but at least I can understand the philosophy behind such censorship) The censoring of a color is absurd.


    but at least I can understand the philosophy behind such censorship

    I get their intention behind there, too, but then... Not really. Sooner or later everyone comes into contact with a lot of words which some people doesn't want them to know or use. Obviously not here anymore, but out there in the world.

    But hey - if they censor words, people will get creative ;-)
    Or they discover that they don't want to spend too much time in a community in which things are censored.

    There are sooo many learning resources out there :-P


    What annoys me most about it is the fact that I'm being treated as a little child. Which I'm not. Well, at least most of the time.

    Do they really think they can or even should educate their learners in a political sense? That would be just ridiculous. The vast majority of people committed to learn new languages should be open minded and the few racists among them - well, they will hardly change their minds because Duolingo censors discussions about words and their meanings.

    And by the way: Treating the portuguese word for a person with dark skin like something that should be hidden thus implying it was something bad IS racist. Shame on Duolingo.


    So far, I think we can safely assume the following:

    • The censored words are censored automatically, not manually by a human moderator for each message.

    • The censored comments will look well again if Duolingo removes the taboo words from whatever black list is being used.

    I am going to submit a bug report. While the problem can be seen as a moderation issue rather than a bug, the fact that the censorship is automated and has unintended effects makes it qualify as a bug in my opinion.


    Politicamente correto para variar atrapalhando o ensino... lamentável isso !

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