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"That orange is in the kitchen."

Translation:Jeruk itu ada di dapur.

January 7, 2019



Would ada be necessary? Could you also just say "Jeruk it di dapur" I feel like it isn't missing something, probably nit as formal but possibel if you speak?


'jeruk itu di dapur' is possible


What's wrong with using "dapurnya" here? That's also suggested by the hover.


Why "ada" here and not "ada" in the last sentence : "saya makan di rumah" ? Both of those sentences indicate a localization, no ? Is "saya makan ada di rumah" uncorrect ? Sorry for my english i'm french... THANKS FOR YOUR ANSWER


Ada means 'is there' or shows existence of the things/subject. So its not suitable to put ada after verbs.


Jeruk itu ada di dapur=that/the orange is(exist) in the kitchen. So if:- Saya makan ada di dapur= I'm eating exist in the kitchen. You cant say the verb 'eating' is exist cause its not a thing.

So yeah i hope its clear. Gud luck on your studies!


Why not adalah? I'm still confused about these two (ada/adalah)


•Ada=is/are/am exist (where?) "Saya ada di sini." { I am here.} •Adalah=is/are/am + facts. "Saya adalah anak perempuannya." { I am his daughter.} his daughter is the fact for 'I'

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