"Julia is ahead of Raj."

Translation:जूलिया राज के आगे है।

January 7, 2019

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Is राज‌ के‌ आगे‌ जूलिया है‌ possible here?


Yes. It places more emphasis on 'Julia' saying that it is Julia (and not someone else) who is ahead of Raj or serving as a reply to the question 'राज के आगे कौन है ?'


So is the thing that's closest to the verb the thing that's emphasised?


It still doesn't accept that as a correct. I marked it.


This is weird. I gave the right answer (using the app) and it marked it wrong! I don't know if I'm going to be able to finish this exercise. I can't give it what it wants because I already gave it what it wants and it doesn't like it. And yes, I did report it there. They have made a lot of great changes, but this is a weird bug! So I'm putting it here as well.


We're all rooting for you.


Raj ke aghe julia also same menaing and answer

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