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  5. "Julia is ahead of Raj."

"Julia is ahead of Raj."

Translation:जूलिया राज के आगे है।

January 7, 2019



Is राज‌ के‌ आगे‌ जूलिया है‌ possible here?

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Yes. It places more emphasis on 'Julia' saying that it is Julia (and not someone else) who is ahead of Raj or serving as a reply to the question 'राज के आगे कौन है ?'


So is the thing that's closest to the verb the thing that's emphasised?


It still doesn't accept that as a correct. I marked it.


This is weird. I gave the right answer (using the app) and it marked it wrong! I don't know if I'm going to be able to finish this exercise. I can't give it what it wants because I already gave it what it wants and it doesn't like it. And yes, I did report it there. They have made a lot of great changes, but this is a weird bug! So I'm putting it here as well.

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