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"E uku au i ke kāki komo o ka ʻaha mele."

Translation:I will pay the entrance fee for the concert.

January 7, 2019



Would this be e verb ana?


Hm "i shall pay..." was also accepted. Tried it cuz it was closer to the imperative that so far "e uku" would have indicated to me. The answer given by the app is "i will pay..." though. How do i know which one of the two is meant in a conversation? Does it depend entirely on context or is there something grammatical as well?


I believe the E here is not acting as an imperative marker, but rather to indicate intention. E before the first verb marks an imperative or an intention. My grammar books further states that if f e + verb is embedded in the sentence, the e indicates the verb form is an infinitive.


I'm not sure if there is a difference between "entrance fee" and "entry fee," but the latter uses a wrong word.

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