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"Pāʻani wikiō ʻo Kēhau ma ka hale."

Translation:Kēhau plays video games at home.

January 7, 2019



Shouldnt "in the house" be correct as well?


I thought ka hale=the house, ka home=the home


Pay attention to the accents. D'accord mais avec le clavier hawaïen !


Je ne sais faire ni le kahako ni l'okina avec un clavier AZERTY. If you teach me it will be fine !


You cant type kahako nor okina with the french keyboard layout, it's called what it is for a reason. Just enable hawaiian keyboard layout (on W10) and use iirc alt+shift to easily alternate between kblayouts.


How do I enable the Hawaiian keyboard layout? I don't understand.


How would you say 'at home, in his basement, with no windows, for hours on end, without talking to anyone, and drinking mountain dew and eating twinkies? :-)


... ma ka hale i ka ʻōpao me ka puka aniani ‘ole i nā hola he nui me ka ‘ōlelo ‘ole iā ha‘i e inu Mountain Dew ana a e ‘ai twinkies ana. Although I prefer Ho-Hos. Just saying.


Why is "video game" wrong?


At the beginning of the sentence, the phrase is a verb, or action. So you need "play/playing" video.... It doesn't translate word for word. Some of the compound verbs - "play/game/toy of the video variety" is translated into English with separate phrases: noun - video game, verb -play video games. The actual words don't change so much, but the position in the sentence helps inform the meaning.


How do you translate this sentence literally?


[Play video game] [Kaleo] [in the house]

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