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  5. "ʻOno ka puaʻa kālua."

"ʻOno ka puaʻa kālua."

Translation:The kālua pig is delicious.

January 7, 2019



I was warned to pay attention to the accents. But the English word for kālua is "kalua," I would say.


Well, we are not learning english at this course, but hawaiʻian


I already know English, so that part's OK. DL accepts "ukulele" as the English for "'ukulele," so I think rejecting "kalua" is another inconsistency.


It's kalua pork in every Hawaiian BBQ place I've been to (in CA) so I'd agree. The macron isn't necessary in English.


Kalua is a Hawaiian word and not an English word. Roasted or ground-oven baked/roast should be acceptable. In Hawaii, we use kalua readily, but the "spelling error" underline further indicates that this is not a word in English. My translations to roasted should be accepted.


exactly where on an English keyboard do you find ā? as I type it gives ā as a spelling error. It absolutely is not English.


Since English is the language of the translation, the macron for kalua seems unnecessary.


"Kalua" is an acceptable English translation for "pua'a kālua". It's like requiring the translation for "carnitas" to be "pulled pork" in English; the proper English word is the loan word, "carnitas".

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