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  5. "Aia ka pia ma ka lumi kuke?"

"Aia ka pia ma ka lumi kuke?"

Translation:Is the beer in the kitchen?

January 7, 2019



Have we learned how to say "Is there any beer in the kitchen?" yet? I don't remember.


It's been a year and no one has answered this question. I would like to know the answer too


He pia ko ke lumi kuke? I believe that is the way. Pretty sure it is ko and not ka. You can also say He pia i ka lumi kuke?


It sounds like he is saying pi‘a instead of pia


when you click on aia it says space/time so it probably means that aia is for location and time


I've seen Aia and He used as Is/Are verbs. What's the difference between Aia and He? When do we use each one?


I don't remember seeing either of those used quite as verbs, although I guess "aia" is sort of like "to be located" sometimes. Pukui and Elbert say "he" is a demonstrative, then offer "to be; have" as translations. E.g. "He ka'a ko'u" = "I have a car." Who am I to suggest that is really "A car [is] mine"?

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