"Bela" pronunciation question

Hi all, I just learned the word "bela" in one of the first few lessons, but I've been having confusion on how to say it. Sometimes the E sounds like the first E in the English word "elephant" while other times the word sounds like "bayla." Is it one pronunciation or the other? A mix of both? Different audios give some variation it appears. Thanks!

1 week ago

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There is a range of good sounds for "E" -- pick one and use it all the way through, no matter where it appears in the word. I demonstrate both sounds in this video:

Note that both sounds are "pure" - that is, it should be the same sound all the way through. You should be able to pronounce either sound without moving your mouth. The only limit to how long the sound can be is how much air you can get in your lungs.

The "ay" in "bay" moves around. Don't confuse vowel quality with vowel movement.

1 week ago

The vowel movement description really helped. Thank you, and love the videos!

1 week ago
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