"What was done by him?"

Translation:Apa yang dilakukan olehnya?

January 7, 2019

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A better, conversational translation in English woud be: "What did he do?"


Yup, "what was done by him" is have a closer meaning to "apa yang telah dilakukan olehnya"


Why is 'yang' absolutely necessary here?


because in this sentence 'yang' has a function as a relative pronoun.

.....yang dilakukan olehnya = .....which was done by him

'yang' is neede because you want to give stress on the the activities done by him

another example: Anak yang berdiri di belakangku adalah Rina= The kid who is standing behind me is Rina


Dilakukan vs digunakan?


Please comment on the difference between dilakukan and digunakn? And why not apakah here?


dilakukan: ar/is/am/was/were + done, example: The surgery was done by Dr. Tina ( Operasinya dilakukan oleh Dr. Tina)

digunakan: ar/is/am/was/were+ used, example: This scalpel was used by Dr. Tina (Pisau bedah ini digunakan oleh Dr. Tina

I think apakah should be accepted here. Because it's gramatically correct if you say " Apakah yang telah dilakukan olehnya?

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