"Aamir's uncle sings."

Translation:आमिर के फूफा गाते हैं।

January 7, 2019

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I always thought फ़ was used for an english "f" sound and फ for a breathed "p" sound. Online and in books I've seen so many different usages of the letters. Is फ़ूफ़ा acceptable in practice or completely wrong?


You're right that technically फ is an aspirated 'p' sound and फ़ is an 'f' sound.

The 'f' sound (फ़) is actually not native to Hindi and was originally found only in words borrowed from Arabic, Persian and European languages.
In practice, it is common to drop the dot in फ़ and simply write it as फ. For example, you'll see 'phone' written as both फ़ोन and फोन. This is also true for other letters that are used to denote borrowed sounds like क़, ख़ and ज़.

What further complicates things for फ is that many modern Hindi native speakers pronounce the letter as 'f' even when it is in native words (where it should actually be pronounced as an aspirated 'p'). This is thought to be a result of English influence. फूफा is one of these words. But since it's not a borrowed word, it cannot be written as फ़ूफ़ा.


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