"Kamaʻilio kāua iā Kaleo."

Translation:You and I talk to Kaleo.

January 7, 2019

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[deactivated user]

    So, if I wanted to change this to a suggestion, "Letʻs you and I talk to Kaleo," I would use the e particle, "E kamaʻilio kāua iā Kaleo." Before today, I didnʻt realize e is not only for imperatives, but also for stating intent.


    I put “let’s talk to Kaleo” which should also be acceptable.


    That is more a command than a statement, and would require the verb to be preceded by the imperstive signifier "e", or

    E kama'ilio kāua...


    I'm not sure "we both" differs significantly from "you and I" except that we could be talking to a third party.


    I think "we both" is fine as an interpretation. Mahalo for suggesting it. Just a note: the best way to get suggestions for alternate translations seen quickly is by sending them in as reports using Duolingo's built-in reporting feature.

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