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  5. "1 dollar"

"1 dollar"

Translation:tʼááłáʼí béeso

January 7, 2019



It kept alternating the correct answer: t'áátá'í or táátá'i. Are both correct or not? So confused!!!


every time i write a Navajo word with apostrophe's, duolingo says I have a typo when there is no typo.


Use " (double quotation marks).


This does seem to be a persistent problem, seemingly because of differing versions of the apostrophe that computers default to, that apparently are not recognized by DL's software. They've gotta be aware of this by now, I figure, but clearly have a lot on their plate fixing other Beta issues (and maybe aren't investing enough time & resources to Dine!).


I was asked the this same question twice in a row.

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