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  5. "We need changes"

"We need changes"

Translation:Tunahitaji mabadiliko

January 7, 2019



I am having a lot of trouble remembering the word for change/changes/changing. I need to think of "Si kama binadamu habadiliki"


"Si kama binadamu habadiliki"

What does that mean? My guess is "it's not like people don't change", but I feel like that's a bit of a stretch...


Sort of. It's from the Sauti Sol song "Kuliko Jana", and I left off the lyrics directly before it. Since the lyrics are essentially poetry, the whole thing is needed to get to the meaning. My understanding is the gist of what they are saying in that line is that God does not change like man does. "Baraka zake hazikwishi; Si kama binadamu habadiliki". Here's a page with the video, Swahili lyrics, and decent English translation: https://africangospellyrics.com/2016/09/25/kuliko-jana-more-than-yesterday/

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