Learning a new language, but the course list doesn't say I am

I just added a Dutch course to my German and French and completed the first lesson. However, then I went to the 'add a new course' section, where it lists all the courses. On this list it has the word 'learning' with a tick next to German and French, but not next to Dutch, despite the fact that I am now learning it. I know that to some people this may not be a big deal, however, I am a completionist, and so having the tick with the 'learning' next to the language is quite important to me. Any suggestions as to what I can do about this?

January 7, 2019



Sometimes it takes a while for subscriptions, etc., to propagate across the different databases.

January 7, 2019

Thank you, I will wait. I appreciate that

January 7, 2019
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