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"Seine Eltern verkaufen Ferienhäuser."

Translation:His parents are selling vacation homes.

April 5, 2013



Did anyone else write: "His parents sell vacation homes" and get told that you had an extra space and it should be "sellvacation"? Ooops, Haha! I will report it as "something else went wrong". (My answer was accepted.)


Same problem occurs with the "sellholiday homes" so I've reported that as well.


Yep same. Reported


Same, also reported, I'm assuming these things don't always get seen but if people keep reporting it it'll eventually be adjusted


Why does it take a year for such an obvious error to get fixed?


"push" is most odd. I think the only thing that can be "pushed" in this way are illegal drugs, not holiday homes


To me "push" signifies that the seller is trying to convince the buyer to buy something. A good example would a salesperson "pushing" extended warranties along with the standard product.


What means "pushing illegal drugs"?

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@yaqo: It means that someone is selling drugs illegally. (in this context 'to push' = to sell)

[deactivated user]

    And why is "His parents sell cottages" wrong?


    To me a cottage is just a small house, so I wouldn't translate it like that. However, I know in some parts of the world it is used to mean a holiday home (I might say holiday cottage to mean that). Otherwise it seems fine to me. My guess is that the software simply doesn't have cottages listed as a translation of Ferienhäuser.

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    A "holiday house" in Canada is a cottage. It is often winterised so that it would serve as a second home year-round. As long as it is a place to escape the city, it's a cottage.


    Why is holiday apartments not flying compared to holiday homes?


    Holiday apartment = Ferienwohnung / Holiday house = Ferienhaus


    His parents sell holiday houses(two words) should be correct, not the suggested 'sellholiday houses'.


    My suggested correct answer is "His parents sellvacation homes". Reported.


    You have an extra space. His parents sellvacation [SIC] houses.

    I think this is the error message I got, I think there is mistake.


    The ladies voice says Seiner, but it marks me wrong when i put it instead of Seine which Duo says is the correct one


    That's because you may hear "seiner" depending on the quality of your equipment and your experience with the actual pronouncing of German, but only the plural nominative "seine" is correct.

    "Seiner" can't even be a determiner, only a pronoun, singular masculine nominative (Mein Vater is Lehrer, nicht seiner: My father is a teacher, not his).

    And by the by, I do absolutely hear "seine".

    sfuspvwf npj


    Sein can mean Your (formal) or his, so why do these translations typically use his only?


    sein as noun meaning anything other than "his" or "its" sounds like a mistake. Do you have a reference where you saw it as "Your (formal)"?

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