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Latin has its first contributor!


We have our first contributor! Buachaill1 is the first! Congratulations! More will, undoubtedly, soon follow. I hope they begin as soon as they can.

January 7, 2019



Yay! I'm glad we're getting somewhere with this course! I still think that carpelanam (a Latin teacher for 15 years and author of the unofficial course) should be a contributor, but of course, if she doesn't want to, that's fine.


Thank you, I do indeed want to contribute but haven't heard anything.


hope you do contribute carpelanam

[deactivated user]

    WOOHOO!! That's awesome! Congrats Buachalli!


    If anyone wants a headstart on learning Latin, here are two mock-up courses on Memrise that are designed to have a Duolingo-like progression:


    This one has good audio, but only 138 cards to learn from.


    This one has no audio, but has 2773 cards.


    Lol. They also changed the estimated time of completion:

    "Estimated Completion Date: January 7, 2020"

    It'll probably take longer than that but let's see how it progresses.


    oof I'm so impatient waiting for latin is going to be horrible


    It was shorter than 2020, finally!


    That's marvelous! Congratulations and best of success to Buachaill1!

    Carpelanum would be a good choice too, as has been mentioned.

    People on the web who appear to be very fluent are Luke Ranieri, Justin Slocum Bailey, Daniel Pettersson, Msgr Daniel Gallagher and there are many more who could be listed, some of them college professors or H.S. teachers, just among English speakers, let alone many people in the GREX.

    There are dozens of other people who would be excellent--who not only have an academic knowledge of the language but are truly fluent. Heaven only knows if they'd sign up to develop a course for free, but having people writing the course w/ fluency like theirs working along w/ Buachaill1 would be marvelous.

    When does a forum for a language appear on Duolingo, BTW? It would be nice to have a forum for Latin. We could recommend good websites, books, newsgroups, etc.


    I dropped a very brief email to GREX about this, if you or anyone else wants to give it a push I am sure that would be ok.




    Hi Hirundo. I have seen in other posts that you’ve applied, and I hope they choose you to help build the course as well! I think you’d do great.

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