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Copying assignments to multiple classes

Is there a way to copy assignments to multiple classes? If not, does anyone know when we might see this as an option?

January 8, 2019



That isn't possible, sadly. It's also not possible to share a classroom between teachers, or hand a class over to another teacher, or to import users by uploading a CSV file, etc etc.

It's early(ish) days for the Duolingo for Schools system, and there's a lot of stuff that a teacher needs that hasn't been implemented yet.


I'm glad that these features are being worked on - some of them will be real lifesavers. I'd like to add a request for the ability to download Assignment data with the spreadsheet on student activity. I don't need performance data, just access via spreadsheet to Complete/Late/Incomplete numbers. As I have over 200 students using Duolingo every academic year, manual checking is effectively impossible.

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