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I'd love to learn through a bit more immersion, but it's hard when you're 7000 miles away from Hawaii and broke. So, are there any books or tv shows/podcasts/songs which use the Hawaiian language? The only books I have right now are the Pidgin Bible, and a couple of Kiana Davenport/Alan Brennert paperbacks which are great stories, but only ever repeat a few Hawaiian words throughout.

1 month ago

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Here's a Spotify playlist of Hawaiian music that I put together a couple of years ago, based on the "He Mele Aloha" songbook. Most of the songs are in Hawaiian.

1 month ago

Aloha Ela, The best book out there is Ka Lei Ha'aheo. It has everything you need to start speaking and understanding Hawaiian... the rest is just practicing. As for training your ear, on youtube there is Ka leo oiwi which has several episodes of Hawaiian language teaching. The good thing is that in every episode (except for episode one) There are conversations with English sub-titles. Also there is the Hawaiian Bible read by two native speakers from Ni'ihau. But since it is kind of confusing to navigate to the audio I will send you the link to Luke chapter 1 along with two other sights for cross referencing. If you double click on any word in the reading it will pull up the English translation of the word. And also there are some nice documentaries in Hawaiian on youtube with English sub-titles. Of course, the subtitles can be way off the mark so use it only as a guide. I'll include a link to one of those also. Four links below:

1 month ago

U R broke?

1 month ago

Hmm that's a great question..

1 month ago

R. Keao NeSmith has translated some books into Hawaiian like The Hobbit, the first Harry Potter, and more:

2 days ago

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