Chinese classic poem, 蒹葭, a mysterious beauty 2500+ years ago.....

Chinese poem illustration.

蒹葭 one of the two pillars of The Book of Songs(诗经).

In general, The Book of Songs is a collection of folk songs, refined and selected to make it as a text book of core value of Zhou dynasty. The folks songs is always about the real life and things of farmers, warriors, officers, nobleman etc. Anyhow, 蒹葭 is totally different from this main stream. It depict something(That person) vague with so many uncertainties, but one aspect, the pursuit of That Person is obviously very clear and solid.

The physical world looks unreal while the spiritual world is real and solid...

This poem is recited and re-phrased through the history of China, for example ,one of the famous pop song 在水一方( is totally a modern translation of this poem.

It is of happiness and joy to have a clear , solid wish , a dream in one's mind, it is even happy and joy when going for it, no matter achieved or not , having a wish and going for it is the most beautiful and wonderful thing one could ever had.

This poem reflected the mysterious goal, anxious and solid of pursuit, the difficulties, and the untold happiness of this endeavor. With such delicacy , the poem must be by a knowledgable and intellectual person.

蒹葭 诗经.秦风

蒹葭苍苍,白露为霜。所谓伊人,在水一方。 溯洄从之,道阻且长。溯游从之,宛在水中央。

蒹葭萋萋,白露未晞。所谓伊人,在水之湄。 溯洄从之,道阻且跻。溯游从之,宛在水中坻。

蒹葭采采,白露未已。所谓伊人,在水之涘。 溯洄从之,道阻且右。溯游从之,宛在水中沚。

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