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What to do next after Duolingo?

I'm just wondering what I should do after I finish the Chinese Duolingo (golden) tree? I haven't finished though but my daily target is to have 1 gold lesson per day which means i will finish in 3 months.

Here is my plan, I'm doing plan 1

  1. Finish Chinese Tree in Duolingo

  2. Finish Hello Chinese

  3. Learn HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) 1-2-3-4 (I will buy textbooks to learn at home by myself because class is too expensive)

Does it sound a right track? My biggest Chinese target is to master Chinese communication (speaking and listening) in 3 years!!!

Thank you for reading my question. Have fun learning guys!

January 8, 2019



I think that start to speaking soon is the most important thing. You'll grow your Chinese skills faster ;)

Good luck


I have a lot of Chinese friends :)) I start to speak with them but just some simple sentences. I still can't understand 90% when they speak somethings with their Chinese friends

Thank you! Have a great day Diego!! And 1 lingot for you ^^ I don't have many of them so hope you like it


You have a solid plan in place and speaking with native speakers will teach you soooo much more than even Duolingo. With that said, friends and co-workers tend to be terrible at helping in my experience. They want to rush you and try to teach you new words and phrases in a random manner. In addition, they will switch back to English when it becomes difficult. Strangers on the other hand just want to try to communicate and will slow down and be patient with you. I travel frequently to Latin America and have learned more Spanish from strangers on my two week trips than I have from my co-workers that live in the same places and I converse with daily. If possible, find people that only speak Chinese and try to speak with them. You will be surprised how fast you pick up new words and phrases when there is no other option than to try to figure out what they are saying. Best of luck!


A great way to learn any new language is to watch TV and read stories in the language. Try watching a Chinese show or movie with Chinese subtitles on so you can relate speaking to characters. Also if you know people who speak Chinese try to speak to them in Chinese as much as you can. Doing that will help you a lot with vocab and grammar.


I don't have much time right now cuz a lot of assignment need to be done this month. I will try to watch movies after this month :)) Thank you so much. Here is a lingot for your nice cmt


it would be a good idea to do the tree from chinese to english


I will consider that after this course, thank you Myreles. Here is a lingot for you ^^


That would be the best plan; but, in reality, studying like that will just burn you down. Instead, it would be of utmost import of living the language as opposed to just "studying" it. I do not mean that you should not study at all, quite the contrary as it furthers what you know, rather you should USE it. In my 4 or 5 years of learning languages that has been the best way. You should chat with people who also study Chinese or are already fluent in it, you should watch movies and series, try to read every time you have the chanve (Yes, I know, characters are hard, but you would not be able to retain it if you do not use it, always try searching for reading materials and try to search out characters that you know, this will make you remember. And oh! Flashcards is a nice and neat tool for such), and LIVE the language. Yes, it will take you a lot of years to be in a native level, but to be fluent is easier and fluency means that YOU COULD communicate in a way. So, I suggest that aim for a high level under 3 or 6 months. Always lay out what you wanna learn. One more thing, THERE ARE TONS of "would be" reasons for you not to learn for a while, but never attend to such. That was my attitude when I tried learning French. I always thought that I could always do it tomorrow due to school works, friends, etc. but eventually I failed and it is only now that I could really learn it. I learned Italian in 2 years, Spanish in 3 months, German in a year (Though I keep repeating it because it is a hard language you know. Hahahaha) because I just keep doing it everyday, no matter what and no excuses. I always try to spend 2 hours to a whole day using the foreign languages that I have learned and I am learning and that is the only fool proof way. Lastly, you would always feel at first that you could not really learn X language because it is hard or due to the reason that you have put up a lot of time learning it, but you still could not use it, BUT when you reach the sweet spot of you using the language after months or years, it is already an achievement because it would just go on and on and one day it would just feel natural to use a foreign language that you have been learning.


Hi smileyttn!

I know you've said you have a lot of Chinese speaking friends but if you're looking for an app or anyone else is, I like Tandem. It is an app in the Apple Store. I am not positive they have it for Android or not. You enter your native language and the language you want to learn. You can then search for and match with people of the opposite language. e.g. you speak native English and want to learn Mandarin, they speak native Mandarin and want to learn English. They have really great features like the ability to correct the other's messages and grammar mistakes. It is a great way to collaboratively learn. The other suggestion I have is Du Chinese. It is an app with articles to improve your reading. There have been a lot of great suggestions here but these were two not mentioned.

I encourage you to take the HSK(Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) 汉语水平考试 Exams. I have passed Levels 1 and 2. I am actually taking Level 3 this weekend! Please let me know if I can be of any help! I will be following this thread if you post here.

Best of luck! Here's a few Lingots too.



It's sound like a decent plan. :)

I would suggest to add Clozemaster after finishing Chinese Tree - tool to increase your vocabulary.

For comparision, my plan is:

  • Get Golden Tree on Chinese
  • Switch to Clozemaster (Mandarin Chinese)
  • Meanwhile trying to change my so-ancient smartphone to a new one, to effectively use Lingodeer or other apps.
  • (Also) Meanwhile considering to pass HSL 1-3 exams.


Really good advice. Thank you Mansfeld. I will try my best to finish. And 2 lingots for you ^^ I don't have many of them so hope you like it


Thanks. 谢谢

Good luck with Mandarin Chinese! ^^




所以当你在开始 2 & 3 的同时,不妨试着与中文母语者去交流,包括口语和文字。


许多APP,比如 WeChat 上有许多中国人,你可以去跟他们聊天,还可以发送语音。

加油,Good Luck :)


Thank you A-Self. I still can't read your cmt and have to use ggl translate :)) I have a wechat account :)) Maybe after finish duolingo tree, I can know how to type lots of things than myself now. And 1 lingot for you ^^ I don't have many of them so hope you like it


I will take a look of them later. I'm having a crazy exam week now :)) Thank you Ed Chan And 1 lingot for you ^^ I don't have many of them so hope you like it


Here's 120 more lingots.


You are so generous. You make my day much much greater as usual!! You remind me how beautiful the world outside is. Thank you and thank you. I hope you enjoy learning duolingo!!


Interesting, saved for later.


It seems like a great plan, would add to practice watching some Netflix series but I think that as long as you follow your own plan it´s gonna be great. Here´s a lingot for you. Congratulations and go on!


Thank you so much. Have fun with your learning too. Here is a lingot for you <3


My family is Chinese so here's my advice. Study daily and try hard. If you enjoy learning, you should have your goals completed in no time.


Thank you Jenny. I don't have much time to study like a whole day but i try to spend 30 mins - 1 hour per day to play duolingo :)) I'm really looking forward to see myself in the next 3 years. I hope Miley in the future can fluently speak chinese like her English :))) 1 Lingot for your nice n friendly cmt ^^


I think you should also try out an app name chineasy card. It an great app it helps you to learn more word, I’ve already try that app


你看中国的YouTuber吗? 你可以练习你的listening。


Personally, I feel the biggest hurdle to get over is both actually speaking Chinese to native listeners and actually comprehending natural native conversation. I live in China so I have a strong advantage in both areas; both of which I admittedly don't take enough advantage of. So my suggestion to you is to get the HelloTalk app. It's free and very similar to WeChat in it's social aspects. The app is centered around finding language learning partners as language exchange. Find yourself a native chinese speaking person (preferably someone without dialect) who is trying to learn english and have conversations!

If you get through the full Duolingo tree and max each level, the HelloChinese app is largely pointless.

Feel free to find me on HelloTalk. I'd love to have a Mandarin partner that is learning the same content as I as a conversational partner. My I.D. is @addohm.

I would also recommend to constantly test your reading comprehension. Don't worry about speed, that will come with time. I too am working on the HSK levels but I'm not really sure why. There's no benefit other than the knowledge :D

Another suggestion. When working through the Duolingo tree, try your best to get to level 5 in a subject before moving on to a different subject. The complexity of chinese makes retention super important and you really need to burn it into your brain, as dull as it can be sometimes, before moving on to learning new words and characters. It is super tempting to spice things up and click on the newly opened subjects, but trust me when I tell you that it actually hurts the learning process.

Final suggestion: if you can use the website version of the lessons instead of the app, and have simplified Chinese installed as a keyboard language on your PC, I suggest you click the "Use Keyboard" feature and type the pinyin to find the correct character in the list of characters that will pop up. You may welcome that challenge :)

An excellent suggestion I read from another post in the Duolingo discussion forums is the following: Since that tree is still under-development (yet you managed to make it), you can still try English-for-Chinese, which consists of many Chinese and (their) English vocabularies.

In other words, do Duolingo Chinese-to-English! https://www.duolingo.com/course/en/zh/Learn-English-online


Great advice!


Keep using Duolingo! Conquer all crowns! Watch real Chinese series on this website: https://www.viki.com (very useful). Use the language every day!


Thank you so much!! 1 lingot as a present for you ^^ I will watch it after this deadline assignment and exam month


Wow! That's a lot of languages you've learnt, you earned my respect and a lingot


wow that the most insane streak ive ever seen


I 2nd watching Viki. I started watching when I started DuoLingo. I picked up on many words and phrases before I learned them in DuoLingo.

I watch Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese dramas so I can hear the different dialects and accents. Though it is important to mention that many mainland dramas have dubbed voices by voice actors, so there isn't as much of a variety as I expected.

I also have a penpal from the mainland. It's nice to have someone I can talk to and ask questions.


Sounds solid to me! Worth a lingot :)

Gotta say though ... I'm a longtime 普通话speaker. spending summers in China! I use Duolingo just to brush up, & sometimes it's kinda inaccurate or very formal. The most important thing is conversation and pronunciation!! So WeChat, CCTV, and 大佬甜er (China-based makeup artist. youtube!) would be great starters.

If you're ready to branch out into Chinese novels, start with 马小跳. AP World crunch time here, so can't link right now, but it's a super popular children's series in China. Very funny & you'll learn tons of everyday expressions/idioms! Get it from a Chinese book publisher. 女生日记 is from the same author, but it's rather intermediate since it's aimed at middle-grade audience.

By the way, do practice writing Chinese with correct order of strokes! It'll be hard, but worth it! Also, if you're lucky enough to live near a Chinatown or with native Chinese speakers . . . absorb & hope this helps!

edit: listen to Chinese music! crazy rich asians soundtrack!!!!!


Thank you so much. There are so many many things in your cmt but i haven't reach that level yet. I will try to finish my tree as soon as possible (but in an appropriate time so my brain can remember) :)) Thank you so much. Your cmt is worth for lingots too ^^


I would suggest using apps that help you connect with native Chinese speakers lol, I plan on doing the same thing as you since my grandma wants to take me back to Taiwan.

I use Hello talk if that helps hahaa


Haha thank you. I have wechat. And in my college school, there are a lot of chinese friends ^^ Everyday i ask them some basic phrase to say in chinese. For ex: I'm so sleepy and i want to sleep :)))) I just ask randomly some thing i want to say haha Here is a lingot for your nice cmt


Just keep sticking on Duolingo. Work hard by challenging yourself with every DAY! Show yourself with Hundreds of days in A ROW! and people all around will respect that and look at awe!


Yeah i am challenging myself for 100 days ^^ I’m in my 14 days, which mean half of a month already, time passes so fast :)) i’m looking forward to seeing myself in the next 2.5 months. Chinese tree have 88 courses so I am trying my best to have the golden tree in streak day 88. Thank you for your encouragement!! Have fun with your learning


I think this is a really good idea! Go for it!


Find as many Chinese friends as you can, and practise with them. When we learn a language we must use it. Speak as much as you can. 加油!


Think I'll follow too.


Certainly sounds like you are dedicated! Thanks for the post it lead to a great discussion that provided me with some good links and materials to try. I downloaded the Hello Chinese app you mentioned. It looks pretty good. I also have Chinese skill, don’t know if you have tried that one. I learned Spanish before but Chinese seems more difficult. I suppose it’s what they say, it just takes time and lots of practice. I tried an intensive learning program for Spanish but I soon realized there is only so much that my brain can absorb in a day. It wasn’t until I lived in Spanish speaking countries where I had to use it every day that I really began to internalize the language. Good luck with your studies and have fun!


Wish you luck if you keep to your plan you will be fluent I am learning Chinese as well, could you please describe the text books to me?


You can search it in google. There are a lot of file pdf to see (the quality is not good though). But as far as i can know, HSK 1-2 is for beginner, HSK 3-4 is for intermediate, and HSK 5-6 is advanced. If you want to work/study maybe in China, you need to have HSK5! :)) So I think my goal is basic daily communication only, not to study further in academic Chinese language. So I’m heading to HSK1234! You can buy the book from amazon or ebay. The price is around $35


I'm studying Korean, Chinese and English. I liked your study plan and you inspired me. This is hard study but in the end comes the result. I want to work in china, I have hsk 1 but now I am studying for hsk 2 and topik 1.


thanks i will look into it


What is Hello Chinese?


If you don't mind paying a bit, I'd recommend taking lessons on . iTalki. A lot of the lessons are pretty cheap (like $15-$20 an hour depending on the teacher). Having friends to speak to is of course a great idea, but I also think it is helpful to be able to speak with someone who is trained to teach the language. Plus, I feel that having a teacher not only helps with guiding the process as you move from beginner to intermediate, but it can also help to provide motivation when studying.

In any case, best of luck with your language learning journey! ^_^


just keep it up ,you will have mastered one day


Smiley.....it seems like you've suddenly stopped in practising your Chinese this week. Is everything ok?


Maybe book a trip and spend a couple of weeks/months in China. As a Chinese, I learned more English in my 2 two years stay at US than my 18 years in China. Immersion could be brutal at first but it gets better exponentially.


Sounds like a good plan, I'm probably going to do the first 2!


I like your plan. I plan to finish Duolingo then move onto HSK and study from home. It's been a year now. How is it going so far?


Chineseskill, tree. Chineseskill immersion, superchinese. The. Textbooks you can find online.


I agree with others that say speaking / listening to Chinese is important. I love the youtube videos for Conversational or Stories. I just discovered "Learn Chinese While You Sleep" - there are tons of of fun Chinese Learning Videos on Youtube! Plus it is free! Like MemRise and other websites.

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