Duolingo Adjectives (Declined)

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I have here the adjectives for the Duolingo course declined. No transliteration is present, only nikkud. For those interested it may be a useful reference or help pick up the feel for the declination of adjectives. If any errors are found please inform me and I'll update as soon as possible.

בברכה ובהצלחה

1 month ago

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Once again, thank you for sharing your administrative and computer aptitudes with the Hebrew Duolingo community! I've greatly benefited from your lesson-by-lesson vocabulary PDF. With or without the declension (that's the word you're looking for), a list of adjectives is greatly appreciated! Thanks for going the "extra mile" with providing the declension of each adjective with nikkud.

1 month ago

Thank you so much, that's so helpful!

1 month ago
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