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Hi, can anyone help me, since I clicked on the join facebook link when I try to do any of the lessons I can not see anything. If I click on the blank screen, I can hear the audio but see nothing. please help I was loving this site.

May 16, 2014



Can you tell me what browser/version you're using? Thanks!


Hi, I am using Internet Explorer 9 and I just started having the same problem. I log on with my e-mail address.


Hi guys, thanks for such a quick response. Sorry about my rambling last night it was quite late and I'd had a long day. Basically, i,ve been using duolingo succesfully for a few weeks. Then yesterday I logged onto the website fine. Went on to a lesson clicked on begin only for a blank screen to appear. If i click on the screen I can hear the audio, but see nothing. Tried this on all the other lessons too with the same result. (I don,t know if its coincidence or not that earlier in the day I clicked on the join facebook tab.) Bye the way, the only other thing is, I'm a complete luditte when it comes to techical terms etc., so if you have any suggestions please keep them as simple as possible. David, how do I log in by e-mail?


Today when I go into the site it is working!

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