Esperanto for English vs Spanis vs Portuguese speakers

Saluton. As of 8 Jan'19 there are 357k active Esperantists for English, 308k for Spanish & 108 for Portuguese speakers (total 773k). I wonder when will the Spanish or Portuguese Esperantist overtake the English. I think the Portuguese are keen learners, so I believe the cultural competition will be interesting. Kion vi pensas?

1 week ago


Mi ne scias kial.

1 week ago
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Kion mi pensas?

I think that once you get out there - really get out there and experience Esperantujo in all its glory, you will slowly start to see that there is much more to Esperanto than the Duolingo courses. No doubt the Duolingo courses help, but there is already a healthy, diverse, international Esperanto culture out there, worthy of exploration.

6 days ago
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