How to Review Lesson by Lesson

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Does anyone know how to go into a lesson that you have already "crowned" and repeat it stage by stage.... you know, like the old days? I learn better this way. I especially like that I can take the lessons and write the words and definitions down as I go. I do not like to do this my first time through, but seem to get a lot of benefit by coming back and doing this a bit later. So is there still a way to pull up "Verbs, Lesson 5" or "Nouns, Lesson 2"

If anyone knows how to do this, I would very much appreciate the info. G.

January 8, 2019


Quote: How to go into a lesson that you have already "crowned" and repeat it stage by stage.... you know, like the old days?

You can't (on the web)!

Lessons are not FIXED anymore (1-10) as before, but are now - as "crown sessions" - DYNAMICALLY assigned increments.

It does not help to add any /1 or /10 suffix to the end of the skill URL; it simply is ignored and the session variable is incremented nevertheless.

The best what you can do is to use the skill PRACTICE button on your Duome progress page:

This button is now hidden on the original "crown overlay web UI frontend".

January 8, 2019

I remember that I have read in other threads that some users have installed a very OLD Android mobile app version from the "pre-crown days".

They reported that the mobile API still supports redoing 1-10 lessons (obviously they are only talking about the L1 crown level then).

I have no idea how this might work or corrupt skills on the L2-L4 crown levels or it the lesson is just repeated and "registered" as a L1 lesson.

I have never tried this personally.

Using the mobile app and its tapping word banks mode is IMHO not a really good learning method to review lessons and practice skills.

But maybe it helps you with very advanced grammar / verb tense skills where you are quite weak and where you would not be able to use the typing method to build your own sentence on the web portal.

January 8, 2019

i have done the bacics 48 thmes

January 9, 2019


What has repeating the Basic skill 48 times (you made a typo!) to do with the question from the thread owner?

January 9, 2019
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