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"That train engineer lives near the train station."

Translation:Masinis itu tinggal di dekat stasiun kereta.

January 8, 2019



The Indonesian translation seems incomplete, it should read "Masinis KERETA itu tinggal di dekat stasiun kereta".


It's from the Dutch loan word "Machinist" Which means train driver. There is no need to put kereta after masinis but it is correct.


My understanding is the MASINIS only drives trains so, I'm guessing its already descriptive enough to delete the KERETA..


I would think both are correct


Friends, please look up your dictionaries!! According to KBBI, "masinis" means "operators of machines such as boats and vehicles".

orang yang menjalankan atau melayani mesin (di kapal, lokomotif, dan sebagainya); juru mesin

(Translation) People who operate or service engines (on boats, locomotives etc.); enginemen


So, I agree with @donny309620. "Masinis KERETA itu tinggal di dekat stasiun kereta" is better.


If you say the train driver lives near the station it sounds obvious that you are talking about a train station.. Putting kereta either after masinis or stasion should both be correct


I agree....some of these sentences are very ambiguous. I was looking for the second "kereta" and since it wasn't there, I also thought it obvious that a train engineer would work at a train station.


if kereta isn't required after masinis in this sentence, then why is it required in "Dia masinis kereta ini, bukan penumpang."?


Karena he is the driver of "kereta ini" bukan kereta itu.


you haven't given us enough "Kereta" words. The translation reads That engineer lives near the train station. However your translation said it reads Train Engineer but it does not


Ya something something doesnt seem right. Another time consumer. What is right and what is wrong

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