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Improving the moderator status

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Hello everyone,

I've been asked if I wanted to be a moderator, which was fine with me, so here I am (even though my avatar doesn't appear green but who cares ^^).

I really like the fact that we can follow the active threads and delete comments. But I think that for the moderators to be really effective, we need a few more tools in our bag.

Here are a few suggestions :

One more tab (available only for moderators and Duolingo team of course) in the discussion section where moderators can discuss between themselves about the members causing troubles or about some kind of standards regarding when deleting and why deleting (even if Duolingo's guidelines are clear enough, they are a bit generic). Or any other topic related to moderators only.

Being able to delete threads as well as comments. There are a lot of people confusing the discussion section with their stream (i.e posting threads like "Hi, how are you ?"), and it can quickly "pollute" the whole forum. Or maybe create a "trash" section where all threads are sent when deleted by moderators, with a "restore" option", so mistakes can be repaired :P.

Being able to give "warnings" to members. When the amount of warnings reach a threshold, a mail is sent to Duolingo's team to make a decision about the member (or anything like this).

Being able to move threads from section to section.

That's all I have in mind at the moment. Please consider these are only suggestions, feel free to give your opinion about this list.

5 years ago