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Vocabulary drill, anybody?

Would anybody else appreciate an adaptive vocabulary drill for each category? Just a simple English --> language and language ---> English test that adapts to one's errors (repeating those words one tends to miss). I am starting to build my own because some words I find easy and some words I find hard, but I think it would enhance the learning to be able to focus on just the words.

July 12, 2012



I think something like this might be available soon according to Duo developer naut: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/28735

At least we'll see all of our learned vocabulary soon - a big help if you ask me.


That sounds like spaced repetition. Anki, Memosyne, Skritter and Byki all use it. The first two require that you make a list or use one that has already been made. Skritter is particular to Chinese/Japanese and is used to learn characters by writing them. Byki has ready made a large number of languages.

Both Byki and Skritter are not free, but both have some kind of "try before you buy".

If duolingo uses spaced repetition with their vocab lists that would be great. If not perhaps we could crowdsource adding it to Anki or Memosyne.

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