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Assigning a Skill not working

I know now that you can assign a specific Skill to students and it will open up that specific circle for the students even if they haven't completed the previous skills. I assigned a skill to all my students. All of them could see the Skill assigned to them under assignments but for some students it was still grayed out and they couldn't access it. It would tell them they needed to complete the previous circles first. For some of my students they could access it just fine even though the previous ones were not done. Has anyone had this problem? In some classes it was just 1 or 2 students; in others it was half the class.

January 8, 2019



I am experiencing this same issue! Following the discussion to get a solution!


If you don't receive an answer in this discussion forum, then you can email Schools' support staff at teachers@duolingo.com


This is the case for ALL of my students.

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