"Ini adalah alat untuk mengemudikan pesawat."

Translation:This is a tool to fly a plane.

January 8, 2019

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Are we talking about flying a drone here? Otherwise "a tool to fly a plane" does not make any sense in the absence of context. Unless..., we are talking about a navigation tool inside a cockpit, but then we are talking about navigating the plane and not flying it per se.


Donny is right - its a very strange sentence. I translated it as "an instrument for piloting a plane" which was marked incorrect, but to me it sounds more natural than a "tool" which sounds like a screwdriver or a hammer, not something very technical in a cockpit.


"this is a tool to fly the plane" was marked incorrect, how do we know if it is a or the?


Different "Planes":

  1. Shortened common English: "plane", but it has multiple meanings such as:

a. geometrical flat surface

b. level of thought, existence, or development

c. a carpentry tool

  1. British English: "aeroplane"
  2. North American English: "airplane"

Can we allow those different (but more exact) names of the "planes" too?


I think the context of the sentence defines what sort of plane is meant.

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