Transliteration issues

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Duolingo is having issues with transliteration and it's getting very frustrating.

For example, if I were to write out "vy ljubyte" Duolingo would mark it as incorrect.

However, if I were to write out "vy lyubyte" it is marked as correct.

This honestly makes no sense to me since each letter has one, and only one value. The letter "и" is transliterated as "y" and the letter "ю" is transliterated as "ju" rather than "yu" since "y" as a transliteration is already applied to "и".

Any other website understands this--even Google Translate's transliteration--so I am genuinely confused as to why Duolingo's is different. Anyone got some sort of an answer?

1 week ago

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Why are you using transliteration? In the beginning, it can be intimidating to write in the language you are learning, but it quickly becomes much easier. It's quite rewarding also, you can search in Ukrainian and it'll make the learning process more comfortable. Успіхів у навчанні!

4 days ago
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