Why did I lose my 227 day streak? I haven't missed a day. Please advise.

January 8, 2019

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Why don't you repair it today?

  • on the mobile apps with the "streak repair" item which costs real $$
  • on the web portal by subscribing to a monthly (for one month) "Duolingo Plus" subscription which already contains a free repair of the streak per months

  • 2019-01-06 lost a 227 days streak 3 days ago

Once this jumps to >=4 days, ELIGIBLE will switch from TRUE to FALSE; same is with your current (restarted) streak of 1 day.
If it reaches 3 days, it will be switches and you can not access the "streak repair" item on the mobile lingot store!!


Please check your XP chart within your own timezone; my TZ GMT+1 shows that you missed a complete day and 10XP on another day; it might be different for your own timezone view (which displays the XP data differently than for me).

  • Daily Goal: 30 XP

Higher coach goals like 30-50XP make more often troubles, especially on the mobile apps with sync errors.

Personally I am using "Basic 1XP" on the web and I think it is the best to save a streak; for the mobile apps you are forced to use the 10XP+ coach goal.

January 9, 2019
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