"We drive a car to Jakarta."

Translation:Kami mengendarai mobil ke Jakarta.

January 9, 2019

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Mengemudikan should be accepted too?


Is there any significant difference between that and 'mengendarai'?


I'd like to know the difference, too.


Mengemudikan is formed from the word kemudi (steering wheel), a part of vehicle (car, ship, plane,etc.) which is used to set the direction. So mengemudikan is to control your vehicle. You also have menyetir which is an informal word for mengemudikan. You can only use menyetir for stuff that have a steering wheel.

Mengendarai is to drive or to ride a vehicle (or a horse, or a bicycle). Note that you can "mengedarai kuda ke Jakarta" but you can't "mengemudikan kuda ke Jakarta" because horses don't really have a steering wheel.

There's also a slang word for "to ride": bawa: Saya lagi bawa mobil (I drive a car).

Duoling should accept mengemudikan in this sentence, even naik.


Thanks for taking the time to explain the difference ☺️


IMHO 'menyetir' should be acceptable ... reported.


Alternative translation: "Kami NAIK mobil ke Jakarta"

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