"Neha and I are walking together."

Translation:नेहा और मैं साथ में चल रहे हैं ।

January 9, 2019

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Why is there a 'me' in the sentance? Neha and I together in walking are. Why is the 'me' which I literally translated as 'in' where it is?


साथ में means 'together,' both words are what make it. Think of it as "In togetherness."


For a literal translation the phrase, साथ में means in/at sides. Kind of like the english phrase they fought valiently at eachother's side... If that helps.

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    Would नेहा और मैं साथ में चल रही हैं be the correct way to say this sentence if the first person is female?


    Could we use के साथ instead? Thanks


    I'm wondering this too. I've only learnt ke saath


    I don't like the fact that they have not introduced the word yet but they expect you to know it....


    That's how Duolingo works you learn from context


    I'm going through this as a practice lesson after completing this a few months ago (I've been doing regular practice to keep the images from cracking), and this is the first time I'm coming across the "person x and I are doing x together" formulation, which has come up twice for me today.

    It's good that I have learned something new, but it's a strange definition of practicing lessons I have already learned. Does Duolingo often go back and add additional content to past lessons? Wouldn't it make sense to add new lessons instead, or at least change the wording they use to describe practice lessons to make it logically coherent?


    I have a question please correct me if I'm not right. I think that if we do sth with someone else we should use " ke saat mai" and if we do it together we just use "saat mai" am I right???

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