"Don't buy this one."

Translation:Mai kūʻai i kēia mea.

January 9, 2019

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Is ‘A‘ole ku‘ai kēia mea acceptable? When is mai / ‘a‘ole used?


ʻAʻole e kūʻai i kēia mea - I think it must be correct, according to this sentence: ʻAʻole e koekoe i ka pila kū nui.


"Mai kūʻai mai i kēia mea" should be accepted. The second mai, which was given as a option, is one of several directives frequently used in Hawaiian.


I agree with Charles. A second "mai" following the verb can mean "buy". If the verb was followed by "aku", it would mean "sell". Duo, please allow this as correct, even if you don't want to teach it at this time. Mahalo.


in looking this up I see that "ho'olilo" is "buy or sell." !! so would it have been OK here? (and how the heck can one word mean both - how do you tell which is meant (not context - what if there isn't any?)...?

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