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I Finished My Tree

Finished the tree throughout at the 1 level and am going back to build up the levels because I really didn't feel I got a good grasp of it. Yes, I learned a lot - but I keep having to refer to Damien Halme videos and to the Dothraki site particularly for grammar. Some of the results just don't seem correct to me, which I take to be my failing. In particular, some word orders completely throw me - though it is difficult to be specific what the issue is.

How many levels are there to each skill? Some of the skill levels seem quite repetitive - but others seem to hide boatloads of new vocabulary.

Overall, I like the language - and duolingo - but I wish there was a bit more functional vocabulary available. In a way, it surprises me there isn't a larger version of the Swadesh - maybe 2/3000 as opposed to the 200 or so words in the traditional list.

January 9, 2019



*Ñuhe guēsī tetan. :)


Yes, you are right - I didn't even think about it when I pasted it up. I think I would still want 'Nyke nuhe guesi tetan' though, but the SVO instead of SOV ordering just shows how sloppy you can get when you're tired and don't think it through.


Wow. You get a sticker!


LOL what is that pic that ya got? :)


There are 5 levels for each skill. They will all cover the same basic material, but as you get to higher skill levels, it will require you to write in your own answers rather than being able to use the multiple choice cards to put an answer together. Generally, you should not really be getting new vocabulary at higher crown levels; it will be repetitive because it's just the same sentences, but you are required to construct them yourself. I think occasionally you might get a little more sentence variation at higher levels, but you shouldn't be encountering "new" vocabulary as far as I know.

And actually, I'm pretty sure that a lot of the vocabulary in the course isn't from the Swaedish list at all. You can check the Dothraki site for a more complete list of available words, though. They have a word list!

As to the grammar, did you check the tips and notes for each skill? You might want to re-read them now that you've done level 1 of the course, and it might be easier for you to grasp the grammatical nuances.


Thanks for the feed back on the skill levels - it seems that only occasionally, as I go to higher skill levels, there are new chunks of vocab - I can live with it. More words are better, in the long run.

The comment about the Swadesh was really only a sort of 'why can't con-langs start from the position of having a minimum functional vocabulary'; and wondering what that might be. The Swadesh seems to be the only commonly accepted tradition or standard, at least from DJP's comments on his Swadesh list. I didn't mean to imply that there was some kind of link between the course contents and the Swadesh - my bad, if that is the way it seemed.

In truth, I find Damien Halme's grammar overviews more approachable - perhaps because of the explanations. But you make a fair point, since the Duolingo grammar tips are part of the bundle. I have since copy-pasted the grammar notes so that I can have them printed out alongside me. They are more succinct than the Dothraki site for sure, and more convenient than referring back all the time.

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