"The poi is in the bowl."

Translation:Aia ka poi ma ke pola.

January 9, 2019

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Can a more fluent speaker comment on the use of the word “poi” vs “ʻai”? My take is poi is more specific and thus might be more used when speaking of a specific mass of poi, vs a more general usage (“what do you usually eat?” “Ka ʻai me ka iʻa.”) Mahalo.


poi is specific, ka ʻai is used for poi or any starch food eaten with fish or meat, so it is less specific. However it should be fine and Iʻve used both on this module without issues until this question.


Why is "i ke pola" wrong?


It is not wrong; it is a nuance. I think DL sees the better alternative to the preposition as "ma" because it implies "within" rather than "to" or "at." "Hana au ma Honolulu" I work in Honolulu. "Hana au i Honolulu," I work at Honolulu. In conversation, few people would care. OR, maybe DL forgot to include "i" as a correct option.


Well both words can mean "in" so if there are nuances itd be nice if duolingo could mention that somewhere.. But thanks for your answer :)


I am with you 100 percent!

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