I have both lingots and health/gems under same account


I’ve read about people having the same app on the same platform (e.g. two seperate iPhones) but either user may have either the Lingot or Health / gem system on either account depending on the A/B grouping.

I have a situation where I have the iPad app + app on my android phone. Both the same account.

On my phone, both the Japanese course and Spanish course are the lingot system.

On the iPad app however, same account as android phone, under the Japanese course it is lingots, but when I change it to the Spanish course, it reverts to gems and health.

Has anyone experienced this? Again as i mentioned I’ve seen people have either one or the other, but I’ve not read having both.

Aa little bit weird. I’d rather all of them just be the Lingot system.


6 days ago

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Different platforms seem to be developed independently from other platforms. It’s annoying but that seems to be the price we have to pay to use Duo. I suspect that some (if not all) of the developers are using Duo as a test platform for trying out different techniques but it could just be a complete lack of standards due to inadequate supervision.

5 days ago
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