Cantillation Marks in Biblical Hebrew

What do I do with them??? I searched for their meaning a few months ago; it was hard to find a complete list, but I finally did and wrote it down. I don't know what to do with them now. I know that they can be used to read aloud (hence their name) but do I actually need to learn them?

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If you want to do ritual chanting of readings from the Hebrew Bible in synagogue services, go on. If not, these marks give at least hints of word stress and divide or put words into groups, but to learn them was never worth the effort in my eyes.

1 month ago
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Hi שושנת מים - no, you don't need to learn them at all. Focus on vowel signs and try to push cantillation marks to the background. They are used by the בעל קורא /baal kore/ to generate the appropriate tune while reading the Torah.

1 month ago

They help a lot in phrasing the posukim correctly.

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