For Language Learners that want to travel

There are many reasons to study a language. However, if you're studying a language in order to facilitate travel abroad, this may be of interest to you.

Many countries have jobs available teaching English. You do not need to know the local language in order to teach it, but you do need to have certain certifications. From what I've seen, they want a college graduate (or higher) that has certain coursework in teaching English as a foreign language.

What does this mean for you?

If you are in a university, or if you're planning on going to a university, check out what programs they offer. Most university degrees (in the United States) has a lot of room for electives. These are courses that aren't in your major, and aren't general elective requirements.

Some universities offer undergraduate certificate programs in teaching English as a foreign language. If your university does, you can probably get a job abroad after you graduate, while you're still young enough to feed your wanderlust. An example of such a program is at the University of Central Florida (the second largest university in the United States) -

If you've already graduated, there may be a graduate certificate available. And if you're old (like me), it might be something to look at for retirement.

You will be able to tell when I'm approaching retirement because I'll be taking UCF's graduate certificate, which is available online (

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