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как, какой, какую, какие, какая, какое, Help

Ok I get that these are adjectives and adverbs, what I do not understand is how to tell which one is correct. I understand that kak is an adverb, meaning how, which applies to an action, как у вас дела? What I don't understand is the adjectives, how do I know which one? For instance,

Извините, вы не знаете ........... это станция метро? — Извините, не знаю.

Excuse me, do you not know ..........this metro station? I would think " where" the station is? Где, But the answer is a как version." Which?" You do not know which station this is?

Мама, ........... сегодня день? — Сынок, сегодня понедельник. Ты работаешь сегодня!

Mom how is your day today? Son today is Monday. You work today. Answer is как.

Здравствуйте, ........... пиво вы будете? — Я буду тёмное пиво.

Hello, what beer will you want? I'll have a dark beer. It is a noun but which как?? would I use.

Роберт, а ........... по-английски слово «спорт»? — Наташа, по-английски, ........... и по-русски, это «спорт».

Robert, what is the English word (sport)? Natasha, In English and Russian it's (sport) I don't get this at all.

Добрый день, 2 билета в кино. — ........... билеты вы хотите?

Good Day, 2 tickets in wine. How many tickets do you want? answer как.

January 9, 2019



I'm not 100% sure I understand your question, but I'll do my best to answer for you.

Какая, to put it simply, is a feminine adjective meaning something more along the lines of 'what kind' than 'how.' For example, you could say "Какая книга тебе нравится?" which means "What kind of book do you like?" For further clarification, какая is feminine, какой is masculine, какое is neuter, and какые is plural (for any gender). Какую is feminine declined in the accusative case. All of these are adjectives.

Как, on the other hand, simply means 'how.' "Как ты это сделал?" for example, means "How did you do that?" Like you said, it is considered to be an adverb, not an adjective.

Hope this helps!


P.S. An example of when to use какую would be with the direct object of the verb любить, as in the sentence "Какую книгу ты любишь?" meaning "What kind of book do you like?" This is different from the example in my previous response because любить requires the accusative while нравится does not.


That's right. But I have noticed a little mistake: plural is "какие", not ы.

  1. Извините, вы не знаете какая это станция метро? — Извините, не знаю.

  2. 'Мама, какой сегодня день? — Сынок, сегодня понедельник. Ты работаешь сегодня!' In this sentence, the man asks his mother "What day is it today?"
    This is not correct translation for above sentence - "Mom how is your day today?" Because he asks how does his mother spend her day.

  3. Здравствуйте, какое пиво вы будете? — Я буду тёмное пиво.

  4. Роберт, а как по-английски слово «спорт»? — Наташа, по-английски и по-русски, это «спорт».

  5. Here, your sentences are a little bit messy.
    If you want to ask How many tickets do you want? - then "Сколько билетов вы хотите? / Сколько билетов вам нужно?/ Как много билетов вы хотите?" and after that question you answer - "Добрый день, 2 билета в кино." - Good Day, 2 movie tickets.
    "Добрый день, 2 билета в кино." - Good Day, 2 movie tickets. and then
    Какие билеты вы хотите? - He/she asks you where do you prefer to sit or which movie do you want to watch or etc. What kind of tickets do you want? As you can see - какой/какие/какая in most cases it is "what" in English, and как - is "how". I hope the correct answers will help you.


For #4:

...по-английски, как и по-русски, это "спорт." - ...in English, same as in Russian, it's "sport."


Can you please edit your post and change the topic from "Duolingo" to "Russian"? Most folks in the general forum do not study Russian.



КакАЯ? - она моЯ. КакОЙ?- он моЙ. КакИЕ?- они моИ. КакОЕ?-оно мОЕ. Станция (она моЯ) значит ставим вопрос- КакАЯ? День (он моЙ) Значит ставим вопрос КакОЙ? Пиво (оно моЕ) - КакоЕ? Билеты (они моИ) -КакиЕ? и т.д. Подсказка (окончание). Good как говориться luck ))) I hope this helps a bit


Yes it did. I think I am starting to get it. I struggle with the Russian grammar. Thank you all, it has helped.


Thank you all for the clarification. I see I am not so great at interpreting sentences just yet. I understood there were different cases but not sure how to choose the right adverb, of "what." I think I understand better. Also so silly, I thought wine instead of movie.


Apparently, it is an exercise to practise using the correct form of какой or the adverb как. So you should only fill the blanks with these.


Какой works like an adjective: it follows the gender(number) and case of whatever you attach it to.

Как has only one form. You can use it to express "How" and also as a conjunction/preposition with the meaning of "as, like".


Try this link http://www.russianforeveryone.com/Rufe/Lessons/Course1/Grammar/GramUnit6/GramUnit6_2.htm. I've just quickly read it, it seems pretty comprehensive.
It's okay we all make mistakes.:)

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