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  5. "boHbe' vav."

"boHbe' vav."

Translation:The father is not impatient.

January 9, 2019



"Father is patient" was not accepted? I realize the stress gives it a slightly different nuance, but surely the meaning is the same.


It's a very fine difference, but since there is actually a word that means "be patient" we differentiate the two and require the English to exactly match the Klingon.


jIyaj. I was not aware there was a separate word for 'be patient'; that does make it a different story. qatlho'!


I feel like I haven't actually seen it be used yet at all, but would the word for 'be patient' be boHHa'?


There is actually a word tuv which means, "be patient". So there are three ways to say "be patient", but with subtle differences. Context may play a bigger part in how one would interpret these than the choice of word or suffix, but here's the impression I get from the words alone:
tuv - ("patient") a quality that a person has, if you say this about someone then they probably just naturally keep their cool.
boHbe' - ("not impatient") perhaps there is a reason to expect them to be impatient, but they are keeping their cool anyway.
boHHa' - ("un-impatient") perhaps for some reason they are actually attempting to be impatient, but they are failing and really sort of being patient anyway.


Be patient = tuv

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