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Any contributors here?

Are there any actual contributors to the Navajo course active on this forum? Also, would you be open to less-than-fluent learners helping out with the course? To be honest, I'm a beginner (but a current MA student in Linguistics and familiar with Navajo grammar), but even at my level, I've noticed quite a lot of errors that just about any first-year learner could easily correct (bad translations, Unicode issues, etc). I'm personally willing, and, if not me, I do know several fluent speakers in the ABQ area that might be willing to help as well. Ahéheeʼ!

January 9, 2019



I am a contributor for the Navajo course. There are definitely many grammatically inaccurate sentences. I have not been able to correct many of them due to technical issues. I hope to be able to invest more time into the course so that I can see growth.


You could try applying as a contributor in the incubator.


I would certainly be excited if you would. I am not a contributor.

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